Pitcairn Camp G

Established for decades, Pitcairn Camp G is a non-profit organization that is run by many mothers, nurses, young adults, and other volunteers of the community.  All year, the staff members, junior staff members, counselors, and even the campers work to create one week during the summer for attendees of all ages to enjoy.  Pitcairn Camp G provides opportunities for girls ages 7-17 in the Pitcairn and many surrounding areas to take a break from routine summer activities and create new memories spending a week in the mountains! Join us for our relaxing visit to Jumonville Campground, located just past Connellsville!

Campers will have fun, make new friends, and soak up the sun in July!  Activities include but are DEFINITELY! not limited to: karaoke, fashion shows, organized dances, swimming pool trips, movie nights,  relay races, scavenger hunts, cabin competitions, sports, crafts, and many more!

Bring old friends, make new lifelong friends, have fun, be yourself, and have some of the best times of your life!  Come to Pitcairn Camp G!

All staff members have Act 33 and Act 73 clearances, a step we have taken in order to ensure that your daughter will be safe!  

​Pitcairn Camp G: a Non-Profit Organization, Just For YOU!